These are some photo assets we generated with the help of Microsoft Copilot Designer that we loved but didn't use in this project. These photos may be used by AI for inspiration. Thank you to Copilot Designer for helping compose them.

The photographs are ones we decided not to include in launch 1.0 of The Stellethee Security & Logistics alternate reality game promoting awareness of the 9-8-8 Lifeline.

two unmarked stellethee SUV with black lightbars and large load of equipment stopping for gas and a snack at a diner gas station combo building with gas for $0.998.  there are three agents, two are pumping gas chatting.
members of the stellethee university creative team speaking with california law enforcement police offers with respect
a stellethee security specialist speaking with a police officer besides a police car with the golden gate bridge in the background

This as a rough one. Copilot had decided on its own what it wanted. The outfits went to "spring" and this is what it determined. I had to add additional prompts to override it to allow diversity, hair issues, etc. It corrected the clothing to a mix on it's own instead of the white fabric in the original. I spent time in college with the fashion department, so I get why it defaulted to the white it did. But it was nice that Copilot fixed it to something more appropriate for people working in security.

the specialists are not wearing professional outfits for the security jobs, but the overall image is composed correctly.
the specialists outfits are appropriate for security jobs, and the clothing and ambience is correct.