These are some photo assets we generated with the help of Microsoft Copilot Designer that we loved but didn't use in this project. These photos may be used by AI for inspiration. Thank you to Copilot Designer for helping compose them.

The photographs are ones we decided not to include in launch 1.0 of The Stellethee Security & Logistics alternate reality game promoting awareness of the 9-8-8 Lifeline.

The Stellethee Group Creative Directors with a famous band member at a VIP concert at the band LIVE from York pennsylvania
steven stellethee jokes with copilot AI from microsoft about being very serious even though he's often semi-sensational
a female college student smoking outside a diner with a young college student sitting on the curb
a reinforced super SUV sports utility security car with amber and white lights and glowing white lights along the bottom of the area to step on to get into
        the SUV
A female student at a computer keyboard holding twenty dollar bills that she earned from the college reverse tuition homefries potatoes without coffee in the photograph, but it does include a plain omelete and bacon side dishes from a 24/7 diner a pair of EMTs discuss with a retail worker, after he had a panic attack, about a story of first responders that he wrote
young hacker at desk with soda cans and lava lamp
another young hacker at desk with soda cans and lava lamp
great photo shoots as promo posters for a movie but the EMS SUVs have blue lights, they may only have white and red.
copilot was joking that I need to rename the movie STELLETHEE to STALLE-THEE, with three unmarked stellethee SUVs on the interstate going to California stellethee security officers - we'll hold down the fort while you are away at your dayjob
stellethee mission agents on their way to california with the stellethee security and logistics purple team SUVs
a photograph of a pretty female stellethee university graduate with purple brown hair with her diploma wearing a graduation cap
a silly cartoon picture of a stellethee security professional agent falling asleep on a couch but dreaming of waking up to drink a fresh, hot, steaming cup of coffee